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花樣少年少女 / Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu
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ann valencia > Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) haha this is funny..3 of the dudes r sooo hot the once on the magg.. senior nan and all that...but the ending sucked..!!

Sep 11 at 11:10am · Comment

Guldal Salman > Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) wu chen is incredibly HOT in here! He doesnt look like a guy older than 26

Jun 12 at 7:09pm · Comment
Jun 11 at 8:12pm · Comment

hornedgog 666 > Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) well this version is good two but I think the Japanese version is more funny specially the dorm leaders on Japanese version...

Jun 11 at 8:11pm · Comment

Mattley Ilagan > Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) hoping for a part two of hana kimi

May 18 at 11:20am · Comment

Erika Radabah > Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) i see why i read it was supposed to have a second season, it's sad when shows end in hopes of having another season and don't. I would of liked to see it continue

May 09 at 3:41am · Comment

Desislava Bazhlekova > Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) Wo zui xihuan de lianxu ju.

Apr 13 at 7:21pm · Comment

Nathan Williams > Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) Yeah Ella rocks, Great singer and great actress, but very scary that she looks like a boy in this, reminds me of my cousin Alex

Mar 22 at 9:36pm · Comment

Tania Shim > Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) I love this version!

Mar 09 at 10:30pm · Comment
Mar 07 at 2:32am · Comment

Yuuki Uzuamaki > Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) first time watching the taiwanese version! but loved the manga and japanese version!!

Jan 13 at 4:39am · Comment

Kristina Jenkins > Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) its sooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!

Dec 28 at 5:16am · Comment

Nichole Jenkins > Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) i love this show!!! i hope that there will be a 2nd season for both versions!!!!

Dec 28 at 3:53am · Comment

reshia mainar > Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) This is the Best Version than the Japanese one :)

Dec 28 at 1:13am · Comment

nina tylee contributed to the Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) Soundtrack Nov 22 at 6:15am

Ana Soares > Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) the best version!! I love it so much!!

Oct 31 at 4:56pm · Comment

kizi 180 > Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) ok i don't know way are every one fighting about wich is the best version I like them both this one is super funny and look soo much like the manga the other one because hot guys and awesome acting

Oct 13 at 11:25pm · Comment
Oct 10 at 12:27pm · Comment

garz liu > Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) i really love this version..

Sep 26 at 7:10am · Comment
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Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) details
Added Jan. 27, 2009
Language: Taiwanese
Total Episodes: 15
Cast: Ella, Jiro Wang, Wu Chun
Film Date: November, 2006
Category: Comedy, Romance, School

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