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下一站,幸福 / Xia Yi Zhan, Xing Fu
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Elisiva Ono > Autumn's Concerto super amazing love this romantic drama

Sep 29 at 10:04pm · Comment

Luis Fernando Junqueira > Autumn's Concerto Amazing! The best romantic serie I've watched!

Jun 17 at 9:05pm · Comment

kesilina sibanda > Autumn's Concerto romantic movie nice one!

Aug 18 at 12:58pm · Comment

susan sia > Autumn's Concerto yup... super love this drama. no other drama can surpass this good drama. good director and storyline@@@@

May 09 at 10:26pm · Comment

karren tenia > Autumn's Concerto oh,'s freakin' good...i'm addicted to this series...i love how vanness cares for her...just love this...

Jan 18 at 7:14pm · Comment

jue redz > Autumn's Concerto Awesome movie!!! so romantic... i love vanness

Oct 28 at 2:22pm · Comment

jue redz > Autumn's Concerto Awesome movie!!! so romantic... i love vanness

Oct 28 at 2:22pm · Comment

amrita o. > Autumn's Concerto The most romantic drama I have ever watched. Awsome acting. Truly loved it.

Oct 05 at 11:00am · Comment

Xian-Lei Chan > Autumn's Concerto One of the best drama indeed!

Sep 24 at 10:15am · Comment

Maria Calotes > Autumn's Concerto this drama is the best,,,, LOVE it cried about it toooooo love both of them,,, and vaness wu is super cute

Sep 08 at 5:18am · Comment

nina barrios > Autumn's Concerto VERY GOOD!! LOVE IT!!

Jul 12 at 4:41pm · Comment

vahku kim > Autumn's Concerto this is best drama ever and no one can never do better drama than this for sure :D

Jul 03 at 6:00pm · Comment

Dawn Williams > Autumn's Concerto I love this drama... it got me upset at times but i really recomend it especially the ending!! Love the actors 2!!!

Jun 28 at 5:21am · Comment

Stephanie Mrod > Autumn's Concerto I love this actor :D

Jun 02 at 3:05am · Comment

sao sandee > Autumn's Concerto just start...hope it's complete!!!!

May 31 at 10:51am · Comment

Reina Jayme > Autumn's Concerto is this complete? bkit may incomplete na nkalagay??

May 15 at 11:30pm · Comment

Lovely Salazar > Autumn's Concerto i am dumb founded in the story so cool

May 07 at 7:38am · Comment
Apr 29 at 10:39am · Comment

Ange Manuel > Autumn's Concerto Love It!!!!!!

Apr 24 at 10:35am · Comment

Alex Mcharris > Autumn's Concerto luv this drama

Apr 19 at 9:01am · Comment

Emma adartse > Autumn's Concerto i really love this drama .....

Apr 12 at 9:31pm · Comment

Sakura Lee > Autumn's Concerto i've watched this drama twice

Apr 10 at 1:13am · Comment

Sakura Choi > Autumn's Concerto OMG!!! i LOVE the ending soo cute!!! fav drama ever!!!

Apr 02 at 9:18pm · Comment

trixie prncez > Autumn's Concerto i'm watching this ryt now!

Apr 01 at 1:59pm · Comment

trixie prncez > Autumn's Concerto -waaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. cant believe its vanness wu.. im so happy.. i love him since meteor garden... hehee-

Apr 01 at 1:58pm · Comment

Venearla Storrod > Autumn's Concerto Best show I've ever watched!

Mar 26 at 2:51am · Comment

Karen Acena > Autumn's Concerto I'm done watching this drama series,shit! Thumbs up;) destined to be!

Mar 21 at 1:42am · Comment
Mar 07 at 7:19pm · Comment

Sakura Choi > Autumn's Concerto if u cant see the episodes go to they have it

Feb 19 at 12:25pm · Comment

annie cabrera > Autumn's Concerto one of the best drama i've ever seen

Feb 07 at 11:18pm · Comment

vida prodiga > Autumn's Concerto hopes to see more romantic movies/ dramas of van ness this year

Feb 07 at 12:30am · Comment

vida prodiga > Autumn's Concerto can't wait to see ep 19. i've been up on my heels since ep 1. van ness

Feb 07 at 12:29am · Comment

carol y > Autumn's Concerto waaa cant wait to watch the next episode somebody help us to watch it please please please we're all waiting to the pisode huhuhu thanks in advance^_^

Jan 30 at 5:24pm · Comment

Anthea Gregorio > Autumn's Concerto cant stop asking for last, vaness showed his talent in acting..

Jan 25 at 4:10am · Comment

novilia sutrisno > Autumn's Concerto i love this drama. and can't wait till episode 17 till end comes up...please upload it faster ! with english sub..thanks :D

Jan 20 at 2:58pm · Comment

Caren Tai > Autumn's Concerto How many episode are they with this drama.

Jan 19 at 8:31pm · Comment

sammi chan > Autumn's Concerto i couldn't stop crying...n now my friends blame me......Van Ness. Ady, and the little kid's acting is brilliant.....really looking forward for the nest episode...most of all..the ending......

Jan 16 at 12:57pm · Comment

Pinky Cabrera > Autumn's Concerto its a different Vanness Wu here..he became a true actor, brilliant! and so does the leading lady and the kid! love it soo much! im definitely addicted to this drama..weew! next ep pls!

Jan 12 at 12:26pm · Comment

KuiiQ Ketchup > Autumn's Concerto I think there are 20 episodes total b/c I saw the chart of average percent of pplz who watch thus drama

Jan 02 at 9:16pm · Comment

vida prodiga > Autumn's Concerto this tv drama is really a knock out... the episodes never fail to keep me asking for more.. i'm still anticipating for guang xi's total memory recall Will the writer choose to reunite mu chen

Dec 27 at 10:15pm · Comment
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Autumn's Concerto details
Added Oct. 10, 2009
Language: Taiwanese
Total Episodes: 1
Cast: Vanness Wu, Ady An, Fu Pei Ci, Tiffany Xu
Film Date: October, 2009
Category: Romance

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