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Kanna Natsuyo rated Eguchi Yosuke 5 Stars May 27 at 7:23am

Yuka Yamada rated Eguchi Yosuke 5 Stars Sep 24 at 3:20am

heartless grey rated Eguchi Yosuke 5 Stars Sep 08 at 4:49am

heartless grey > Eguchi Yosuke I love Yosuke Eguchi!!!

Sep 07 at 2:47pm · Comment

Cherry Blossom Goodness rated Eguchi Yosuke 5 Stars Nov 06 at 8:16am

Eguchi Yosuke created a new page on AsianRice.TV Jun 08 at 5:13am

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Snow Bunni Reika
Kanna Natsuyo
Yuka Yamada
heartless grey
Lawrence LeConte
Sky Gemini

Born: 1967-Dec-31
Profession:Actor and singer
Birthplace:Tokyo, Japan
Star Sign:Capricorn
Blood Type:O

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