Shun Oguri Caught Cheating on Yu Yamada
Posted on November 13, 2010

There have been rumors before that popular actor Shun Oguri (27) has cheated on his girlfriend, actress Yu Yamada (26). The latest issue of FRIDAY now has photographic evidence of it, as he was seen entering a love hotel with a woman late at night earlier this month. FRIDAY reports that Oguri was drinking with a large group of friends (a total of more than 20 people) at an izakaya in Akasaka. A nice mood was building between him and a woman sitting next to him, who was described as resembling model Nozomi Sasaki (22). When she got up to use the restroom, Oguri followed, and the two were alone together for more than 10 minutes.

Oguri left the restaurant early with several other friends, though he got into his company's car, which had come to pick him up. He then met up with the woman, who had also left the restaurant but was not far away. They got out of the car in an alley near Tokyo's Meguro Station and entered a nearby love hotel through the back entrance. About an hour and a half later, they left the hotel separately, each taking a taxi back home.

Oguri has been dating Yamada since the spring of 2008. It has been reported that the two are living together, though there have also been rumors that the two are breaking up due to Oguri's cheating.

Oguri's agency said it was unable to comment at the moment due to the absence of his manager. Yamada's agency said it would not comment on her personal life.

(Source: Tokyograph )
Commentary ( 6 )
I heard he boke up with Yamada Yu about four months ago. So,,,if he has, he's not really cheating. If he hasn't broken up with her...he's a guy and it's his life.
To be honest, I had thought they'd been broken up for a while now....
didn't even knew that he had a girlfriend lol
I feel so bad for shuns girlfriend.XC
aaaaahhhh!!!!! i thought they were getting married? im kind of happy that they're not but kind of confused and kind of worried that hed cheat on someone. but maybe they're not together anymore but it just hasnt been made public yet?
What?! OMG! there has to be an explaination for this! I am not accepting rumors! Did he or didn't he?
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