Gokusen 2 Gokusen 2
January 20, 2009
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Gokusen 2 Episode 4 Part 2/3

Gokusen 2 Episode 4
Commentary ( 7 )
they are cute...take...tsuuchia...odagiri...hayato...
Grampa is a drunk he's always drinking
How sweet Tsucchi.. ^^ and he's cute ;)♥
omg I totally lol-ed at 0:19 Tsuchiya reading the Gokusen manga XD
omg, not to leave spam but that old dude... what gives him the right to think he can lay his hands on Yankumi? she should've shoved him off or told him not to touch her. >_>
how can that old bastard yell at that little girl like that? what kind of parents would leave a young, impressionable girl in the charge of a tyrant like that? but Tsucchi is amazing for protecting her like that. he's really such a sweetheart. ;-:
3:29 is so cute! :) He's so sweet for protecting the girl and her future.
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