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Say Yes Enterprise Updated: 02-04-09 Say Yes Enterprise
Say Yes Enterprise is a series of 7 different stories that are RELATED <br> ( more )

Scent of Love Updated: 06-02-10 Scent of Love
Ming Tian Qing and Qi Ling meet in Vietnam after she loses her late mother's engagement ring. They do not get along from the start, and afte ( more )

Secret Updated: 02-05-09 Secret
The story was about high school student Ye, who studied in the school his father taught. Ye’s piano skill was above others.On the firs ( more )

Silence Updated: 01-27-09 Silence
Zhou Shen Shen loses her voice after a bus accident and gets taken to the hospital by her friend Zuo Jun(who blames himself for making her m ( more )

Smiling Pasta Updated: 01-21-09 Smiling Pasta
Xiao Shi is a girl who has gone through many short relationships, 17 to be exact, not one lasting more than 3 months hence, she was cursed w ( more )

Sound of Colors Updated: 03-27-09 Sound of Colors
A flourishing metropolis, the crowd bustling about, each one conjecturing a beautiful wish to wait for his or her fate. A beautiful story ca ( more )

Spider Lillies Updated: 02-05-09 Spider Lillies
When Jade, a web-cam girl visits Takeko's tattoo studio she becomes entranced with the image of the spider lily and with Takeko as well ( more )

Starlit Updated: 02-05-09 Starlit
( more )

Summer X Summer Updated: 01-22-09 Summer X Summer
Because of one dollar, Xia Ya (Cai Yi Zhen) befallen many unfortunate events. When she feels like all hope has lost, an angel comes and give ( more )

Summer's Bubble Updated: 06-01-10 Summer's Bubble
Xia Mo and Luo Xi were orphans living at the same foster home. They became close friends after Luo Xi saved Xia Mo from an embarrassing situ ( more )

Summer's Desire Updated: 06-08-10 Summer's Desire
Yin Xia Mo was loved by two men. One was an orphan who garnered fame and fortune with his infallible charisma. Another was a ruthless busine ( more )

Superstar Express Updated: 02-18-09 Superstar Express
Mars is a superstar whose popularity went downhill after a series of negative publicity. His finances went into red alert and he had to find ( more )

Sweet Relationship Updated: 01-24-09 Sweet Relationship
Bai Hui has a refined palate that allows her to enjoy every wonderful texture and taste different cuisines have to offer. Ever since little, ( more )

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