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A Chinese Ghost Story Updated: 02-01-09 A Chinese Ghost Story
The empire of Tang has enjoyed a hundred years of prosperity since its founding. However, calamities and dangers nearly always lurk within a ( more )

A Game About Love Updated: 01-23-09 A Game About Love
After Ke-luo's recognition party, Qi-xiang and Ke-luo finish cleaning up the studio. As they are rather tired, they start messing aroun ( more )

Angel Lover Updated: 01-21-09 Angel Lover
At a time when A n g e l i n a was at her emotionally lowest, a wonderful man showed up and cured her of her broken heart. And as timely as ( more )

At the Dolphin Bay Updated: 03-24-09 At the Dolphin Bay
Legend has it a dolphin once helped to reunite a pair of tragic lovers. From then on, the well-adored animal became the guardian of love. At ( more )

Autumn's Concerto Updated: 10-10-09 Autumn's Concerto
Ren Guang Xi, a cocky law student, seems to lead the perfect life. He's the sole successor to a huge and famous business and a talented ice ( more )

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