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Waiting in the Dark Updated: 02-04-09 Waiting in the Dark
Based on a novel by Otsuichi, Waiting in the Dark is written and directed by Tengan Daisuke, the son of late legendary director Imamura Shoh ( more )

Waraeru Koi wa Shitakunai Updated: 03-30-09 Waraeru Koi wa Shitakunai
The story takes place in a department store, where Shizu-chan plays an elevator girl and Komoto plays the manager of a cake shop. The screen ( more )

Waruboro Updated: 08-09-09 Waruboro
Matsuda plays Ko, a third year junior high student during the 1980s that fights all through class and acts like a punk. One day he changes b ( more )

Warui Yatsura Updated: 02-25-09 Warui Yatsura
The last in a three-part adaptation of Matsumoto Seicho's works. Yonekura Ryoko plays a nurse who turns into a stalker (and murderer). ( more )

Watashitachi no Kyokasho Updated: 01-22-09 Watashitachi no Kyokasho
Tamako, an elite lawyer with a promising future, works for a reputable law firm. She is recently given an opportunity to take a case involvi ( more )

Waterboys Updated: 01-31-09 Waterboys
This movie is about synchronized swimming, but men instead of women. <br> Based on a true story, a group of young high school boys get ( more )

Waterboys (drama) Updated: 01-22-09 Waterboys (drama)
Two years ago, five high-school boys brought fame to a small town in Japan. What was so unique was that they formed a "men's synch ( more )

Way of Blue Sky Updated: 02-04-09 Way of Blue Sky
It is the last year of junior high and Masaki (Nakayama Takuya), one of the most popular boys in school makes a shocking announcement. He wi ( more )

Whispering Corridors 2: Memento Mori Updated: 06-15-10 Whispering Corridors 2: Memento Mori
Min-ah discovers a scarlet-covered diary as she is hurrying to school. She has a brief hallucinatory experience when she opens it, initiatin ( more )

Wild Life Updated: 03-08-09 Wild Life
Based on a manga, this renzoku adapts Fujisaki Masato's story about a young veterinarian who saves animals' lives, using his extra ( more )

With Love Updated: 01-21-09 With Love
It all started when Takashi (Takenouchi), a talented composer who could not write a love song ever since his girlfriend Rina left him sudden ( more )

Wonderful Life (Japanese) Updated: 11-05-09 Wonderful Life (Japanese)
Kirishima is the most famous baseball player in Japan. However, an unfortunate injury forces him to retire. His family abandons him, and all ( more )

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